Creating crates

Professional Crate Creating & Packaging

All crates will be supplied with Packaging Chips, covering height 1200 mm, width 620 mm, depth 620 mm (Free of Charge)

Environmentally friendly Eco Flo is a natural packaging material which is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. The protective chips are designed to mould around products and settle immediately when placed in the box preventing the goods from dropping to the bottom of the carton. Eco Flo is light, clean and odour free, and is 5 times more antistatic than polystyrene chips and it can be used for all products, delicate china, electronic equipment and heavy mechanical goods.)

The sizes displayed are the external dimensions when assembled, including the base/Pallet.)

The wood in our timber cases is sourced from sustainable sources and is ISPM15 compliant, meaning it has been heat treated to comply with international import and export regulations for international or European shipping.)

These crates are designed for use where very heavy duty containers are required. The strong timber means they are ideal for transporting substantial weights or particularly delicate products which require robust protection.)

The wooden crates are manufactured from (standard) 6mm birch plywood.)

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£123 + VATCreate + Pallet£156.87 + VATCreate + Pallet£184.34 + VATCreate + Pallet£267.21 + VATCreate + Pallet£319.87 + VATCreate + Pallet
contactDetails about crates
  • Sourced from Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Ideal for extremely heavy goods or highly fragile products
  • ISPM15 compliant
  • Available with or without a wooden pallet base
  • Lid included
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